Confessin' My Dues

by Terry Robb



May 31, 2019, NiaSounds


#39 on Top 100 Billboard Blues Album Chart, July 2019, USA

#33 on Top 50 Blues Album Chart and #1 on Top 50 Acoustic Blues Album Chart, Roots Music Report, June 2019, USA

#19 on Top 25 Living Blues Radio Report, June 2019, USA

#30 on Top 50 IBBA Blues Album Chart, April 2019, UK


“Heart Made of Steel” #23 on Top 50 Blues Song Chart and #1 on Top 50 Acoustic Blues Song Chart, Roots Music Report, July, 2019, USA


"Confessin’ My Dues is thoroughly satisfying. Any blues fan will find a few favorites here. He starts off with a bang, with the impeccable instrumental ragtime Butch Holler Stomp which sets the stage for the red-hot guitar work presented on this record, followed up by an equally potent instrumental, Deltastyle blues Still On 101. The instrumental Vestapol is another outstanding cut by this guitar maestro. This version was written by Terry Robb, John Fahey, and Robert Wilkins, based on a traditional song that derived from turn of the 19th century parlor guitar tradition….One of the gems of this album is the brilliant ragtime instrumental composition Death of Blind Arthur, a song that showcases Robb’s intricate fingerpicking mastery. Assumedly a tribute to the great ragtime picker Blind Blake, Robb not only shows his technical skills but brings out expressive soulful feeling in this stunning instrumental. You feel the sheer reverence down to the core. Simply beautiful! When he gets out the slide to take us down to the Delta, with tunes like the brilliant High Desert Everywhere, the matter is clear: Terry Robb is one of our finest acoustic guitarists today. He’s not just technically sublime; he plays with unrestrained passion that you will feel deep down inside." - Frank Matheis, Living Blues magazine, June/July 2019 Issue 261, pp 57-58

“Every release that Terry Robb puts out is a cause to celebrate. There are not many guitarists in the blues or any genre that you can come by that are as detailed and clever with their creativity. Confessin’ My Dues is yet another example of Terry Robb doing what he does best – leaving us with a sense of awe and joy with every note he plays. It’s a winning formula that continues to lead the pack.” - Greg Johnson, president, Cascade Blues Association, Feb 2019

"As if to remind us of his virtuosity, he opens with a jaw-dropping instrumental, “Butch Holler Stomp”. He follows that with a very different but equally amazing “Still On 101”. He doesn’t sing much but “How A Free Man Feels” shows he can do that very well when he wants to...“Now Vestapol” is an instrumental medley, one of whose pieces is the traditional “Prodigal Son” by Rev. Robert Wilkins, which may well be the best played version you’ll ever hear... “Confessin’ My Dues” is a well-chosen title song with nicely-written lyrics about repenting Sunday mornings. “Death of Blind Arthur” is his tribute to Blind Blake, also a legendary finger picker and another nicely done medley. He plays slide very well too, as his “High Desert Everywhere” will attest. “Keep Your Judgement” adds a little retro rock ‘n roll before another excellent instrumental takes us out. A beautifully recorded and superbly played acoustic blues album." - John Valenteyn, Toronto Blues Society, July 2019


A special Limited Edition Advance Release of Confessin’ My Dues at Music Millennium in Robb’s hometown of Portland, Ore., rose to #1 in sales in its debut week, and the album charted in the Top 50 Most Played Albums in April by the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) in the UK.


Terry Robb (acoustic and resonator guitars, vocals); Dave Captein (standup bass) and Gary Hobbs (drums) featured on tracks 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 12; Adam Scramstad (electric rhythm guitar) and Stuart (backing vocals) featured on track 12. Produced by Terry Robb. Executive producer Stuart. All songs written by Terry Robb except "How A Free Man Feels" written by Robb and Stuart, and "Now Vestapol" written by Robb, John Fahey, Robert Wilkins and a traditional. Recorded at Falcon Recording Studios in Portland, Ore. Sound engineering by Dennis Carter. Mastering by Brian Gardner. Album design by Chris Thompson.