Terry Robb

“The matter is clear. Terry Robb is one of our finest acoustic guitarists today. He’s not just technically sublime; he plays with unrestrained passion you will feel deep down inside.” - Living Blues magazine




selected reviews

As solo artist:

“A true blues legend at the top of his game…”

- The Bishop, August/September 2019

"His true forte

is on acoustic and he is the master of both fingerpicking and bottleneck styles with expert original and innovative readings of Delta blues, rags, spirituals, and whatever else he puts his mind to musically." - Greg Johnson, president, November 2016

"Eight Acoustic Blues Masters

...Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Tommy Emmanuel...Rory Block...Eric Clapton ...Muddy Waters...Terry Robb..." – April 2015


"It's the rare

guitarist who can whip off a killer 12-bar blues solo, then turn around and fingerpick Travis-style with speed and subtlety...guitarist and singer Terry Robb does just that." - Ian Zack, Mar 2006

as live performer:

"Bonafide blues guitar star...

at NY State Blues Festival...Terry Robb showed off fire and ice." - Mark Bialzcak, July 2012

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a true six-stringed sorcerer, with absolutely stunning fingerpicking...on both electric guitar and acoustic...from blues canonical to ragtime, with a mastery of the instrument and an amazing performance speed." - Riki Bragga, talent buyer, Vallemaggia Blues Festival, Switzerland, July 2009


"A virtuoso on

acoustic blues guitar...[Steve] Miller took the stage halfway through the Curtis Salgado-Terry Robb set...He picked some and grinned a lot but mostly seemed content playing rhythm behind Robb's searing blues finger-picking." - Don Hamilton, April 1997, at the Chiles Center

As producer, arranger and accompanist:


Fahey's Let Go

“What distinguishes this LP is Robb’s superb production. Terry Robb is an extraordinarily sympathetic accompanist to John Fahey." - Kurt Loder, August 1984


"Lullaby & Finale

from Stravinsky's "Firebird," in a Terry Robb arrangement is among the more interesting material Fahey has done in the last three or four albums." - John Flegler, January 1986, on Rain Forests, Oceans and Other Themes

"John Callahan's

musical debut, Purple Winos in the Rain—on which he sings and plays harmonica and ukulele... so nakedly beautiful it's captivating...is produced by acclaimed blues guitarist Terry Robb, who also plays on most of the tracks." - Amy McCullough, Nov 2006

"It is apparent

on Can't Find No Heaven that this is what Stuart loves to do - and she is quite good at it. Throughout the well-produced eleven tracks, produced by fellow Burnside Records recording artist Terry Robb, a critically acclaimed, award winning guitar player, Stuart is in good hands, ensuring that each song fully realizes its potential." - Alex Steininger, In Music We Trust, August 2002

As music educator:


"Thank you

for your exemplary contributions to our 3rd Britt Guitar Weekend! I think this was the best weekend we've ever had." - Kay Hilton, director of Education and Engagement

"Terry is an A-1 teacher, player/performer, a great guy, and an all-around superb addition to the event." - Michael "Hawkeye" Herman, Britt Guitar Weekend Faculty

"It was a pleasure to work with Terry this year....a consumate pro!" - Ed Dunsavage, Britt Guitar Weekend Faculty